Recycled plastic is an economic and ecological raw material for the plastics industry.

CIRCO recycled plastics

CIRCO® recyclate is a cost-effective industrial raw material for replacing virgin raw materials. By selecting recycled plastic as raw material, a company can reduce its carbon footprint and environmental load. Recycled plastic only takes about 15% of the energy that is required to make plastic.

This new generation of renewed plastic is produced at Fortum's new and modern recycling plant that efficiently separates and cleans the materials supplied for recycling, while being friendly to the environment.

Fortum’s operations are based on management systems for quality, the environment and safety. We systematically improve quality and factors that contribute to it. Our operations are safe for both people and the environment. We are committed to zero accidents, environmental incidents and cases of exceeding emission or discharge limits.

Our strengths are delivery reliability and uniform quality

The plastic recyclates are produced at The Fortum Plastic Refinery in Riihimäki, where the collected plastic is sorted mechanically and washed. The plastic refinery takes in separately collected plastic packages and waste plastic from the industry, commerce and agriculture. First, the plastics are sorted by NIR technology. Next, the materials are cleaned in a multi-phase washing process. Finally, the recycled plastic is granulated and mixed with the necessary additives.

The plastic refinery also has a laboratory where we ensure the quality of the manufactured raw material.

Our manufacturing processes employ the latest technology from renowned and reliable equipment suppliers. Moreover, we can perform a wide range of measurements in the laboratory. Thanks to our equipment and extensive collection of material, we can deliver large quantities of uniform-quality, recycled plastic.

We offer standard qualities and customer-specific compaunds

We deliver a range of standard qualities and tailor the products according to the customer's needs.

  • LD-PE films
  • PP for injection moulding and extrusion
  • HD-PE for extrusion and blow moulding
  • wood-plastic compounds for extrusion and injection moulding
  • customer-specific PP and PE compounds.

Watch a video of our cooperation with Orthex.

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