Plastic profiles

A plastic profile is a highly durable and safe choice that is also easy to maintain. Plastic profiles are exceptionally well suited to outdoor applications and various construction projects.

A wide range of applications

The CIRCO® plastic profiles can be modified for a multitude of applications. In outdoor construction, the profiles are used e.g. in fences, terraces, plinths and piers. The profiles are also excel in agricultural applications, such as pens and posts for energised fences. In addition, plastic profiles are used in public works. They are used in e.g. embankments and noise abatement structures.

Green area development and outdoor construction

The profiles do not decompose and retain their colour even upon continuous exposure to soil and water. That makes plastic profiles an excellent choice for green area development and structures touching ground. For example, plastic profiles can be used as the structures touching ground in backyard buildings, thus obviating the need for digging and pillar construction.

Agricultural and livestock applications

CIRCO plastic profiles are easy to maintain and keep clean, and thus an excellent choice for floor grilles and pens for animals. When non-conducting CIRCO plastic profiles are used as posts for energised fences, no other insulators are necessary. The profiles are safe to use in structures, since animals will not gnaw on them.

Public works and traffic obstacles

The profiles are a great choice also for public construction works, since carving markings into them is tough. What's more, paint will not adhere to the profiles, which makes graffiti is easy to remove. CIRCO profiles withstand impacts, but will not damage cars as much as steel or concrete, which makes the profiles very suitable as traffic obstacles.

Natural colours

The basic colours of the profiles are natural grey, dark grey, brown and green. Thanks to UV stabilisation and solid colour, the product colour will not fade.

Versatile range of models and excellent machinability

Select a suitable product for your application from the wide range of CIRCO profiles. Machining the profiles is easy – all you need are normal woodworking tools. CIRCO profiles can be milled, sawed, drilled, nailed and screwed. The recommended attachment method is to use coarse-pitch acid-proof screws.

The plastic profiles are also easy to keep clean because they stand up well to washing and chemicals, and the material does not absorb water. The surface repels water and dirt and will not splinter nor support bacteria, making it hygienic.

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Easy installation and durable balcony wedges with CIRCO® recycled plastic profiles
Metpost Oy used CIRCO balcony wedge profiles in a large apartment block built in Kerava. The benefits of the plastic wedge were its suitable dimensions and a reduction in work phases.
A lasting fence made of CIRCO® recycled plastic
Instead of a traditional wooden fence, the parish of Hyvinkää wanted to try a more environmentally friendly and easy-to-maintain recycled material. The fence constructed of CIRCO profile has stayed clean and has not lost its colour.
CIRCO® recycled plastic profiles are ideal for heavy industrial use
ABB has been using Fortum’s CIRCO recycled plastic profiles for years as pallets for its heavy rotors.
Recycled plastic transforms into durable, environmentally-friendly stalls for horses
Long-established stables manufacturer Myrby has found hard-wearing CIRCO® plastic panels to be the best material for building stalls for horses. Among other advantages, stalls built using CIRCO panels are durable and easy to clean.
Plastic profiles facilitate moving boats at a dock
A pleasure boat dock in Helsinki has been using CIRCO® plastic boards in boat trestles for ten years. In challenging conditions, plastic is far superior to wood in terms of its properties.