The story of CIRCO

Fortum Waste Solutions provides customisable recycled materials for the needs of the plastics industry. The CIRCO® product range consists of standard quality and tailored recycled recyclates. We also manufacture CIRCO profiles from recycled plastic.

CIRCO – a product of circular economy

The name CIRCO is derived from the Latin word “circus”, which means a circle. For us, CIRCO means a closed material circulation and wise use of resources. With CIRCO, we leave a legacy for the future generations: a world where raw materials are not squandered and consumption is based on ecological choices.

The first plastic refinery in the Nordic countries is based on long-term research collaboration

Fortum Waste Solutions's key partners in research collaboration are Tampere University of Technology, University of Eastern Finland, Lappeenranta University of Technology, Arcada University of Applied Sciences and Finnish Environment Institute. We have also engaged in research collaboration with many other research institutes, consulting companies and device manufacturers. At the start of Fortum Waste Solutions's own research operations, Fortum Waste Solutions carried out three thesis works in collaboration with Tampere University of Technology on the recycling of PVC and agricultural plastics, and the commercialisation of recycled plastic products. In addition, Fortum Waste Solutions participated in the FPCC-RECY research project implemented by Tampere University of Technology, where the recyclability of plastic materials was examined in selected industrial waste flows.

During the process development of the Circular Economy Village, a total of seven thesis papers were produced in collaboration with various educational institutions.

We have also engaged in extensive research collaboration with the educational institutions on the implementation of new sorting experiments. The information obtained served as the starting point for process development. Many Finnish and foreign research institutes have played a significant role in the analytics of various plastic fractions, analyses related to product development and further development of quality. This in turn has supported Fortum Waste Solutions own process and product development.

In addition to its own research activities, Fortum Waste Solutions also continues its collaboration with research institutes in various projects.

Since 2014, Fortum Waste Solutions has participated in the Material Value Chains (ARVI) research programme coordinated by CLIC Innovation Oy. One of the largest work packages of ARVI is research on plastics recycling, coordinated by the Finnish Environment Institute and Fortum Waste Solutions.

The ARVI work package on plastics recycling has produced a lot of new research information on e.g. the recyclability of multilayer films and other particularly challenging plastic fractions and their processing. A lot of research effort has also been directed to the control of harmful substances and the methods for removing coloured dyes in the recycled material flows.